Opera 3 Recruitment

Cambridge Recruitment Software Solutions have developed a 'feature rich' set of enhancements enabling Pegasus Opera 3 to be used as a highly automated, efficient and scaleable 'payroll & billing' system.


Unlike our competitors our solution is based on an award winning modular accounting solution by Pegasus Software which incorporates payroll, billing and financial accounting all within a single software application.


There are many advantages to having all the data in one place, not least to facilitate comprehensive management reporting and the ability to be able to drill down from any transaction in the accounts. 


Once invoices and payslips have been produced the resulting transactions then flow seamlessly into the profit and loss and balance sheet accounts.


Critically, all the data entering Opera 3 Recruitment is 'tagged' enabling individual transactions to be 'matched' in the sales and payroll ledgers for post processing analysis. There is a powerful set of management reporting tools, enabling a vast range of margin by consultant, office, division, customer or candidate to be produced for any period range and / or parameters you choose.